Duathlon Shorts sewing pattern – on sale now!

It’s been several months in the making, but I’m pleased to report that my third sewing pattern is on sale now! Please welcome the Duathlon shorts!


This is a pattern for close-fitting capris or shorts in three lengths with contrast side panels. There’s an integrated pocket at each hip, perfect for gels, keys, or your phone plus an optional padding piece for cyclists wanting some extra comfort on their ride. An elasticated, high-rise waistband means they won’t shift around as you move, either!

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If you’re not familiar with the term, a Duathlon is a competition where you run, bike, and then run again, and I designed this pattern to be both runner and cyclist friendly (and dance, and yoga, and hiking, and skating!). The draft is very similar to my PB Jam Leggings but with a slightly higher back rise to accommodate the seated, cycling position, and with the pockets placed lower on the hips so your leg crease doesn’t get in the way when you’re sitting down. Lots of people asked for a leggings pattern that could be easier to make fit alterations on, and this is it!

Like my other patterns, these are designed to use up fun scraps leftover from other projects, and I’ve even got a thrifty tip coming up if you haven’t got enough length for the long Upper Side piece, too!

The Booty Short length is great in particular for ladies who cycle commute but like to wear skirts – you can pop these on underneath, stash your phone securely in the side pocket (so you can feel it vibrate if you need to), and have a bit of cushioning while you ride. I highly recommend seeking out laminated foam padding (usually used in bramaking) for great crotch padding, which fared best in testing.

If you’re not a cyclist, you can leave off the crotch padding and still have a great, stylish, and functional pair of workout shorts. You might also wish to use these in our Spring Race Challenge – just a thought!

To celebrate the launch (and the weather-based possibility I will be running London Marathon in a pair of these!), you can use code “VMLM14” to get 10% off! The offer is good through marathon day – it expires at the end of 13 April.

$10.99USD (£6.84)

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