"Leggings that actually fit!"

First of all thank you so much for all your birthday wishes, compliments on my galaxy print birthday dress, and also for all your enthusiasm on my new Duathlon Shorts pattern, too! What a week!

I’m running a bit behind on posts here, but I wanted to share a few words from the Lovely Leggings class I taught on Sunday. I’ve of course made loads of leggings before, but it was my first time teaching this class, and I’m pleased to say that it went smoothly and all four ladies went away very happy!

It was the first time any of them had used an overlocker (serger) before, but they all took to it so quickly, and now (of course!) all want one at home, too!

On this class each student was asked to bring their own fabric, since there’s a big personal preference there and some people wanted wicking fabric to exercise in, and the fun part was seeing what people bought!

You know that point when you finish a sewing project and you finally put it on and you do a little dance and punch the air? It was awesome seeing these ladies try on their leggings at the end! I heard things like “omg, this is the first pair I’ve ever worn that actually fit!”, “I’m not fighting with these like I do my others!”, “Finally, my waistband’s where I want without folding it down a bunch of times!”, etc.

Awesome. One lady even wore hers home! So I count this as a total success, and a great reason why we share our skills with others – as of Sunday evening, there are four more women in the world who won’t put up with ill-fitting, shop-bought leggings!

Oh, and in case you’d like to be one yourself, there is still room for the next leggings class on Thursday 3 April. It’s also not too late to nab the last spot for my Breton top class this Sunday (30 March) if you’d like to learn about stretch fabrics and overlockers but don’t fancy making leggings…

Coming up next week: a roundup of birthday pressies, updates on a new Marfy dress, the grand finale of the Sherlock coat (I know! It’s finally done!!), and quite probably a rundown of the Breton top class, too…

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