Manequim magazine March 2014

I’m often inspired by styles in Manequim magazine, even if I don’t actually sew that many, and I particularly love the Fall and Spring issues which tend to overlap a bit more with the seasons we have in the UK. Brazil is entering Fall now but the same styles are super wearable for English Spring, too.

The celebrity style section (which is usually occupied by Brazilian soap stars I’ve never heard of) is this month all featuring stylish women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. I really like the flowy faux-wrap dress Meryl Streep is wearing on the left, and it just happens to be in my size, too.

The Plus patterns this month are all blouses, and I think the pale yellow one is a particularly interesting design since it uses a twist in an outer layer, almost creating a twinset effect with the inner layer.

The designer style section is based on Alberta Ferretti’s designs, and these slim trousers and silk blouse are both provided in several sizes and would both make really great wardrobe basics. They also look especially good for testing out the fit if you’re new to Manequim, too.

I’m not entirely certain the peplum trend has got much life left in it, but I really like the colour blocking and minimalist style of this dress. For me, the peplum could easily be left off, and a block of colour added at the waist instead in the form of a waistband and you’d still get the same overall effect.

This is one of those instances where I keep looking back and forth between the photo and the tech drawing, trying to add up the two in my head! The photo looks like basic, cropped, crepe trousers, but the tech drawing looks like sweatpants (trekkie bottoms) to me! Surely these would be super comfortable, right?

Heart be still! One of the features this month shows a different pattern for each of a bunch of famous designers! The Diane von Furstenberg pattern is (of course!) a wrap dress, and a really nice looking one, at that – the tabbed sleeves and crossover are great details.

I don’t think I’ll ever fully be on Team Jumpsuit, but if there was going to be one to tempt me over the edge, it’d be this Valentino-inspired one with shoulder flounce. Gorgeous! Classy! Timeless!

And finally, in a section all about jackets (and what to wear with them), I think this shawl-collar blazer in a monochrome print is super stylish and very modern, too. The monochrome dress is also pretty interesting, and I like that the bib/apron effect carries through to the back, too.

I found a lot to like in this issue, but is it bad that I’m already counting down the issues to the Oscar gown special already (usually in May)??

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