Burda magazine October 2014

I received my subscription copy of this magazine the day before we left for our Bohemia trip, but by that point I’d already written a full week’s worth of posts (I hope you enjoyed all those book reviews!), and didn’t have any time to spare to scan this until after we came home.

I haven’t seen much about this issue online yet, but after two mediocre Fall issues, this is the Fall fashion issue I’ve been waiting for!

I usually shy away from “nautical styles” since it can be a bit cliché to live on a boat and dress like a sailor, so I was surprised that I really liked a lot of the styles in this feature, including the His’n‘Hers pea coats.

It’s hard to beat a good long sleeved cowl neck tee as far as I’m concerned (they’re pretty much my uniform in the colder months) and I really like that this version has a crossover at the shoulder which brings the cowl a bit higher. This should prevent any “leaning over gaping” issues that some cowl tops have, but there’s only one way to find out! (There’s also an un-pieced version of this same tee)

Now, I thought the trousers pictured with the stripey tee above looked nice enough, especially since they have an interesting back view, but then I saw this note in the instructions! What?? That sounds like a problem, not a feature! I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons I sew is to avoid RTW fitting issues like trousers falling down as I wear them…

This “egg dress” is so far removed from my usual preferred sheath dress style, but I recently wore a similarly-silhouetted dress and absolutely loved it, so this (plus the cowl tee) is at the top of my To Sew list from this issue. I’ve got the perfect silk twill I’ve been itching to sew into something, and this might just be it!

I hate the main fabric they used here, but love the detailing and gold leather patches on this biker jacket, sized for Petites.

Huzzah! A designer pattern, this time from the Italian label Ports 1961. The dress seems a bit better suited to a South American October, but the construction details are really interesting. Whenever I’ve made the Burda designer patterns in the past, I’ve found them to be a cut above in terms of drafting and attention to detail.

This paneled dress is shown a few times in the magazine and I think it could be a really flattering dress on a lot of different figures, especially when you consider the different colourblocking options. It’s also the pattern with the full-colour illustrated instructions for this issue, too.

This cowl dress is the same base pattern as the stripey nautical top I showed you earlier, but the fabric makes it easier to see the neck detail. That, and I just love the styling, muted colour, and textured fabric they used – totally something I’d wear myself!

There were a few nice patterns in the Plus section this time including a bomber jacket, but I thought this woven blouse and skirt combo looked both super flattering, and really versatile for Fall. You could easily leave off the ruffle and straighten off the hem on that skirt and have a great, basic pencil skirt to wear with just about anything.

I don’t usually care about the kids section, but this time Burda just knocked it out of the park! For starters, they’ve sized these for tweens (up to their largest kids size, 164cm), which they hardly ever do, plus they’ve included patterns for boys and girls, plus the designs are really timeless and classic!

First up, the two patterns for tween boys – a raglan sweatshirt and a classic trench coat.

Tween girls also get a raglan sweatshirt, but with some added seaming that reminds me a lot of the StyleArc Ivy tunic I made last year, especially with the angled seaming at the hem.

But the absolute best is this trench cape! Omg, how much do I want this in adult sizes?! The belt really nicely gives waist definition, but it still has the classic trenchcoat details, too. Plus there’s a cute satchel pattern to complete the Fall look.

So what did everyone else think – do you like these patterns as much as I do?

Coming up next week: Burda Easy, which I picked up at a Berlin newsagent.

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