Sign of the ‘Times

To follow on from yesterday’s comment about the New York Times Ikea hacks article, as things transpired throughout the day yesterday, I became less and less disappointed with being omitted from the article text itself. Sure, I gave what I thought was a good article with interesting things to say, but I know enough about the publishing world to accept that sometimes your articles get really, really chopped down and that word counts are super strict even when the topic is so interesting and varied. And did you see how many people the writer interviewed for this feature? I’m amazed she covered as much ground as she did!

And it also helped once I got word from my boyfriend (who successfully tracked down ONE copy of the New York Times, though the locally printed, UK edition is only in black and white and sells for £4.50/$9!!) that my dress was not only huge on the front of the House and Home section, but on the very front page of the paper itself!

Frankly, I think getting on the front page of the New York Times for a shower curtain dress you sewed up one weekend for fun is even better than getting a quote or two in the text. I’m thrilled to bits for this coverage, and if you’re reading this now because of the paper, I welcome you and hope you like what you see…

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