Two Weekend Reads

There are many, many great articles on the web right now for activewear inspiration, and I am desperately overdue in showcasing all the amazing versions of my patterns that you guys have made over the past few months, but I wanted to bring two articles in particular to your attention…

The first is a fantastic tutorial Maria (Velosewer) posted on how to create a secure, zippered pocket for insertion into the back pocket of my Surf to Summit Top pattern. It works equally well with the men’s or ladies’ versions, and only requires a little extra bit of fabric and an invisible zipper. It’s all kinds of genius, and I’m totally going to try it out myself on my next cycling version!

The other exciting read is that my first article for Seamwork magazine is out now, A Guide to Activewear Fabrics. I talk about how to shop for different tech fabrics, what names they can be found under, why cotton is terrible, and how to avoid that horrible smell after repeated washings.

If you’re not familiar with Seamwork, it’s a new, free monthly digital magazine from Colette Patterns. You can read all the articles for free online, or download the pdf for easy tablet reading if you prefer (like I do). Each issue has two pdf patterns, which you can opt to buy for $6 for the lot. They’re designed to be sewn in 2hrs or under, and have a really generous size range. The patterns this issue are totally up my alley – a bias-cut camisole and a pair of cuffed leggings which Kathy has already sewn! I’m late – I’ve only just sewn the cardigan from the previous issue, which you’ll see next week. (I’ve got nothing to do with the patterns or the rest of the magazine – I’m just a contributor for this article!)

Happy reading!

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