Metro bottom dollar

Greetings Metro readers! No, this morning’s vision of a woman clad only in an Ikea shower curtain was not some hallucination brought on my last night’s curry and an early morning commute – it really was me!

If you’d like to learn more about my Ikea hacking, consider the following:

the Glastonbury shower curtain dress

Ikea pillowcase skirt

I keep being asked what I’d like to hack next from Ikea, and I didn’t really see anything last time I was in the store, and then I opened the new catalogue when I got home… And I was utterly besotted with these birch tree curtains. So now we’ve got to take out the Streetcar again so I can go get them. Oh, why don’t they allow online ordering for them, why??

And in FW07 Collection news, my vintage Pendleton wool (and satin) jacket is nearly complete! I’ve just got to stitch in the lining (it’s already basted) then hand stitch the lining hem and sleeve hems and it’s finished! I’m planning a trip on Saturday to MacCulloch and Wallis for a decorative fastener for it, as there’s no way I can get a clean buttonhole through four layers of wool suiting… Anyone have any suggestions?

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