FehrTrade in Burdamode!

I’ve been featured in quite a few press clippings before, but I must say, to appear in my favourite magazine is extra exciting! The German edition of Burda magazine (named “Burdamodenmagazine” there and “Burda World of Fashion” here) runs a monthly special feature on creations made from Burda Style patterns, and months ago I was asked if I could send over some bigger photos of my trousers and vest combo for inclusion in the magazine!

We ended up having a new photoshoot to get some better (and bigger) images, and the end result has finally been published in the September 2008 issue!!

I just received my complimentary copy in the post today (well before my English subscription copy has arrived! Score!), but the scan above is thanks to the lovely AnaJan, who got in touch to say she spotted me! Frankly, I think the only publication I could be more excited about appearing in would be Vogue! A girl can dream…

(In the interests of full disclosure, I blog for BurdaStyle now, but the above feature was set up months and months before that happened. They really do just pick creations from the archive for inclusion!)

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