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James proposed last night!

James proposed last night!

We actually picked out the ring back in February when we were in Dublin. It’s hard to see in the photo (taken this morning while I sewed up the waistband to my tulip skirt!), but the ring is a silver band with inset gems: 3 emeralds and then a diamond and followed by 3 more emeralds. It is precisely what I wanted, and I adore it but even moreso the man who gave it to me on one knee last night while one of our favourite performers sang “Love Me Tender” a capella.

We’re looking to marry at Bletchley Park sometime next fall in order to give my American friends and family enough time to budget for a transatlantic flight. I’ve been offered my grandmother’s 1940s wedding gown but I need to look at it again to see if it’s suitable or whether I’ll be sewing up one of my own.

And funnily enough, this actually wasn’t the big shopping I mentioned in yesterday’s post!

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