An IKEA sewing room

From last summer, just before my transplant…

As Kristy pointed out last year, the Aneboda chest of drawers is perfect for pattern storage since envelope patterns fit upright in the drawers, and pattern magazines fit lying on their side…

As Kristy stated, you can fit envelope patterns, standing up, 5 across each drawer. Or you can lay pattern magazines on their sides (spine up), and still have room for 3 rows of pattern envelopes next to it.

The only thing I don’t like is that, if you’ve got your patterns really snugly in the drawers, you can’t access the last few inches at the back without taking some out of the front first (because the drawers don’t come entirely out). So I think for me, I’m going to keep my magazines in racks on top of the dresser and just put my envelope patterns inside as I don’t use them as often. But that’s just personal preference!

Oh, and the big Vogue designer/vintage patterns also fit standing up, but as they’re wider than standard pattern envelopes, you won’t fit as many across.

Extra pattern magazine storage on a small blue Lack table in the corner:

Desk inherited from a friend…

Helmer cabinet is perfect for storing little bits of haberdashery, and was super easy to assemble.

Of course, while we were making our tactical assult on the furniture departments (in and out in less than an hour, woo!), I made a similar tactical assult on the textiles and bought a heavier weight cotton leaf print and a very nice dressweight cotton that feels a lot like a nice linen.

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