In hindsight…

We had a super cold winter here this year, and I’m so glad I took all the extra time to interline mine in microfleece as it really does stop the wind. In fact, if I did it again I’d also interline the lower sleeve, as that’s the only place I can feel the wind sneaking in on my walking commute (received wisdom says not to interline the under sleeve as it’ll be against your body, but as my hands are firmly jammed in pockets, it means I expose them!).

pokey boning on Patrones high waisted trousers (melt ends or use other type)

Not used the waterproofing on the weekend bag. And reinforced that handle (it pulled out the very first time I used it, argh)

I’d made a muslin before cutting into the satin (never actually wore this as it kept slipping off my shoulders since it’s too big)

I wish this fabric didn’t bobble like crazy after the 2nd wearing!!

Use higher quality zippers in high-traffic areas like my internal handbag pockets (top red one gets used constantly and has pulled apart about four times!)

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