Party Princess

Why is it that we have to stop playing dress-up once we reach a certain age? Sometimes it’s good to have a special dress that makes you feel like the prettiest girl in the room, the one all eyes are on — like a princess, really.

The first thing that gushed out of her mouth when she tried on this dress for the final fitting was “I feel like a princess!”. It’s for her 30th birthday party this weekend, and this dress is the culmination of about 6 months of planning. She chose the pattern, Burda 8164, and then chose the lemon-yellow satin and lemon and peach tulle layers and was involved at every step along the way. It’s her dream dress, and I’m happy that I could bring it into reality and I hope it makes her feel as much like a princess on the dancefloor on Saturday as it did in our kitchen immediately after completion.

Technical details: I added some deep pockets in the satin skirt’s side seams so she doesn’t have to worry about carrying (and losing!) a handbag at the party, and these are reached from under the tulle layers so stuff won’t just fall out. I also changed the boning in the corset to use cotton-covered plastic boning that was sewn directly onto the bodice lining, rather than using Burda’s suggested method of slipping uncovered boning into the lining’s seam allowances. We also decided to permanently attach the belt into the centre back seam by the zipper so it wouldn’t slide around too much on the bodice, since a too-high belt is flattering on exactly no one!

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