A Tale Of Two Dresses

Once upon a time in London there were two girls suffering from sewing distress. The first girl loved to create and dreamt all day about creating beautiful garments. But alas, she was imprisoned in her true love’s family’s home and her sewing tools were all locked away in a dungeon of cardboard boxes. The other girl had all the tools imaginable, but lacked the experience to turn pieces of cloth into wearable gowns and the language to understand the foreign tongue of patterns. So one fair day the girls hatched a plan to combine forces and each create a dress using the resources of the other.

Using the twin strengths of KnipMode March’s special “Modern Classics” supplement (#103A) and Walthamstow Market, the girls slayed their sewing demons and created twin shirtdresses. The first girl chose a soft, woven cotton/poly blend in a bright turquoise blue and buttons with children huddling under umbrellas and buttons with turquoise bunnies. The second girl’s eye turned towards a black linen with white and mustard blooms and mother of pearl buttons. The girls bonded over the second’s sewing machine and endless fruit salads, and at the end of the magical weekend, two dresses emerged, where it was revealed that the girls were actually princesses in disguise!

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