How to change the presser foot on a JL Mini sewing machine

I do not work for John Lewis. Yet somehow, I know more about their sewing machines than the people who do, and I know this because I get a constant stream of emails and comments from people who find my review of the JL Mini basic sewing machine on Google and ask me questions about it.

By far, the Number 1 question is “How do I change the presser foot?” Apparently many John Lewis employees have told people that the feet cannot be changed. This is not true.

To change the presser foot, grab a Philips head screwdriver (the kind that looks like a +). Unscrew the screw to the left and above the presser foot (see photos below).

When the screw is completely loosened, you can remove the screw and the foot. You can now place any generic “low shank” foot on the machine (using that screw you just removed!), including a zipper foot, walking foot, rolled hem foot, you name it.

This is just an example of the feet in my collection that fit it.

Regular readers – I’m sorry if this bores you, but I’m bored by the constant stream of emails from people who’ve been lied to by John Lewis employees, and now I can just point them all to this post instead of being exasperated. Thank you for your time!


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      Hi Faith. Beware – my low shank walking foot is the only one of my feet that doesn’t work with the JL Mini – it’s lacking a critical cross bar that the walking foot needs to operate! But you may be able to find a different foot design that is compatible…

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    Steffi Jonathan

    Wow, I had one JL sewing machine but had problem fixing or changing the presser foot.

    Does it depend on the type your have? I have since locked it up somewhere when I had issues with the presser foot.

    I will revive it now and try your suggestion.


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