Not Much to Show For It

I spent all Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening sewing up a storm, making myself mentally exhausted in the process. Unfortunately I can’t actually say what I was so busy working on, but I should be able to by the end of the month. I know that’s a tease, and I’m sorry!

Anyway, if you recall, I was going through all my sewing machine feet earlier and I asked if anyone could help me identify some of them. Big thanks to Debbie for identifying the straight stitch foot, and also to Lis and Noile for telling me that the mystery notion in the upper right is a seam gauge:

Noile even gave me a clue how to use it, and sure enough, my sewing machine had three little screw holes, and this fit into one of them! How very cool to see it working after 4 years of it sitting in my little box…

I’m still waiting on the felled seam and rolled hem feet I bought off American eBay (see, I was right to only buy from there as a last resort! It’s been two weeks and counting now…), but I just had to share my latest purchase from UK eBay – Porsche sheets!! I’m so excited to sew these up into a suitable retro dress, Simplicity 3780, and my boy is such a petrol head that he’s already dreaming up parties where we can attend in matching car clothes (I made him a button-down shirt from Hot Rods fabric a few years ago). The sheets arrived today, so with some tricky pattern placement I’m hoping I can use that fabulous border print and pillowcase to my advantage!

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