Swirled lines sheath dress – 2nd muslin

Thanks very much for all your feedback on my post regarding the design lines for my upcoming sheath dress – I decided to go with the top design, and save the bottom one for some later colour blocking (maybe in ponte jersey?).

Once that was decided, I sewed up that basic Burda sheath dress (which fit me very well, as expected), then while it was on my dressform I drew rough design lines on to match. After the rough lines were on, I cleaned these up with French curves while the dress was lying flat (these photoshopped ones are just free-handed on top since my black lines on navy blue fabric were hard to see in the photo!)

I then cut apart the Burda muslin along my new lines, and cut into the curves a few times to release any bumps. I then transferred these altered pieces onto a second muslin to test that all my new curves matched up well:

Happily, the only change needed here is to take about an inch out of the right strap at the shoulder seam! But I might reduce some of the fullness below the bust as there seems to be a tad too much easing there for my liking.

So, riding high, I pulled out the purple stretch satin from my stash… only to discover it is not stretch satin after all, as I could’ve sworn it was! The only other stretch satin in my stash (from Claire!) is lovely and drapey, but this design really needs more body. So I’m left on a fabric hunt, for a stretch woven with two “good” but different sides, in a solid colour, that’s got enough body for a sheath dress. Anyone got any good UK-based ideas?

All this happened with only one evening left to sew before the wedding on Saturday. So I could either do a hatchet job with fabric I’m not into, or take my time and do a nice job on this later, and wear one of my other, very nice formal dresses to the wedding instead.

I’m doing the latter. Let’s face it, I have had a problem over the years with sewing too many fancy dresses and then only wearing them out on one occasion, so I’ve got plenty to choose from!

Also, I’ve been distracted by a certain someone. She’s very persuasive in her need for play and sleepy lap time.

She told us her name is Nishi, and who are we to argue?

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