Easter Weekend sewing and beyond!

Thanks very much for all your birthday wishes! I had a brilliant day, and the dress fared very well indeed at my mystery dinner – the waitress complimented it the second I sat down!

With the dark colour of the dress, I really need daylight for a photoshoot, though, so the first opportunity is tomorrow (Friday). I’ll try to get the post up later that day as I know you’re all waiting patiently to see it on me!

My thoughts are definitely drifting towards the upcoming long Easter Weekend, and what I’d like to sew during it. As usual, I’ve got mental plans for way more than I can possibly get completed in four days, but here’s what I’m hoping to make…


I need to draft up leggings for two friends from my running crew, and sew samples/muslins for each from some cheap lycra I’ve got on hand for the purpose. One of them is popping over late in the weekend so I’ve really got to get hers ready by then!

I’d also really like to sew up two pairs for me based on my own draft, one in black supplex (with the aim of using that fishnet trim on them afterwards), and one in the tribal print from Funki Fabrics.

Once a pattern is set and ready, I can churn out a pair of leggings in a few minutes, though, so I’m not too concerned about fitting these in, it’s the drafting that will take the time (and desk space!).

Style Arc’s Marie Jacket

My main task for the weekend, though, is to make Stye Arc’s new Marie jacket, especially since I’ve gathered all the necessary supplies over the past week or so – some fabulous black and silver heavy jersey from Minerva and a big separating zipper from Our Patterned Hand

I cut out the paper pattern pieces one evening this week and studied the layout and instructions, too. The pieces are different from what I was expecting and I’m really intrigued to see how this sews up – I really like the concept of it – the tech drawing doesn’t do it justice, especially in the shoulder/neckline area!

Drape Drape 2 Top

And my other big goal this weekend is to sew up the “one piece asymmetrical top” (No. 4) from the second Drape Drape book (a Christmas gift I think I forgot to post about!).

The tech drawing looks hilarious but in reality, it’s just a nice teeshirt with some draping happening on the right side (here are some reviews on PR showing it on real people!). I know here that the challenge and time involved isn’t in the sewing (because it’s really just three seams and some edge finishing) but in cutting out the enormously massive pattern piece from my fabric, another of the lovely viscose jerseys from Tissu that I just can’t seem to get enough of!

I traced the pattern out last night and it’s separated into three parts on the pattern sheets, that’s how big it is! Though worryingly, the Drape Drape book sizes list size “XL” as having a waist measurement 10cm smaller than mine, and this particular pattern only has two sizes, S/M and L/XL so I’m hoping the jersey will be forgiving and the pattern has enough ease!

Other Stuff

If I manage to get through the above, I’ve also got enough fabric on hand for the Style Arc Ivy tee, and I should also think about making my “gold medal leggings” from the Suzie Spandex yellow Spirographix, because I’ve earmarked them to wear to the East London Half marathon on 14 April since I wasn’t able to run the Paris half this year.

And that actually isn’t that far away because… we’re off to the States next week, specifically Baltimore! I haven’t been there in at least 10-15 years so it’ll be great to see lots and lots (and lots!) of family who are driving in to visit with us, but also finally meet Cidell and Trena, and also go for a run with Kathy while I’m there, too!

I’m hoping to have a few posts to share with you while I’m away so you won’t get too lonely, and then when I get back, there will be a TON of finished garments, because I’ve already made three tops for family members that I haven’t been able to share with you yet, plus any of the above I finish up over Easter, too!

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