Spring 2013 Sewing Ideas

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my asymmetric Drape Drape teeshirt! A girl could get used to that level of flattery…

It also marks the start of my sewing short sleeves, which means it must finally be Spring, and hence, time to start thinking about marrying up the patterns and fabrics I’d like to sew for the next few months. I really do these only for my own benefit, and so they’re not a “SWAP” in the sense that everything must coordinate against each other (lord knows I have enough clothes that I don’t have problems putting combinations together!).

This is more just a set of ideas towards which I’d like to work, so when I get to the end of a project, I can quickly refer to this image and go “oh yeah, I want to sew that next!”

For the first time I’m also including running/exercise gear in my plans, since I’m wearing lycra as a significant portion of my weekly wardrobe, and I want to contain all of my sewing ideas together. So you’ll find all the running stuff on the bottom row, and the rest of life’s wear on the upper two rows!

Top row:

Middle row:

Bottom row (running gear):

  • KwikSew 3672 top, in whatever supplex or lycra I’ve got lying around at the time
  • Butterick 5283 in some leftover red supplex
  • A draped top to wear over sports bras in some fantastic silver lurex jersey I bought in Paris, but I’m not decided on which pattern yet
  • Another seamed, self-drafted pair of leggings in some Navy Suziplex that I can wear to run Copenhagen marathon in, err, less than 3 weeks. eep.

When I glance over this, a few things stand out to me – No dresses. This wasn’t a conscious choice, but I’ve got plenty of spring/summer dresses I wear enough of already! More Big 4 than usual. Again, not a conscious choice, but I’ve got three envelope patterns in my plan, which is a lot for me. It’ll be interesting to see which patterns get left behind at the end (as there are always one or two I don’t end up making). Have a look at my previous Fall/Winter 2012 shortlist and see what I mean! That entire row and the leather jacket I just didn’t get to (I blame the shingles though!).

So what’s everyone else thinking for Spring? Or am I the only one who draws out her ideas?

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