KnipMode sale alert

After years of promising myself, I recently finally sorted out a subscription to KnipMode magazine. But since they said it won’t start until the August issue, I took a whirl round my favourite online KnipMode source,, earlier this week to get the June and July issues, plus one for a friend. I’ve used them for years to get my KnipMode issues and they’ve always given me great service and reasonable shipping costs to the UK.

Imagine my surprise when yesterday they sent me a partial refund, because they just started a 3 for 2 sale on all their magazines (they also stock Ottobre, Knippie, Burda, and Burda Easy)! How nice is that, the sale wasn’t even running yet when I ordered! The sale’s not mentioned on the English version of the site, but it’s a news story on the Dutch side, and runs until Tuesday (22 June).

Anyway, I thought some of you might have been interested by KnipMode in the past but discouraged by the cost, so now’s a great time to grab some! Especially since I’ve never, ever seen their magazines on sale before, and once the issues disappear, they’re often gone for good.

If you want to see what’s in some of the available issues, I’ve done roundup reviews in the past:

(I’m not quite sure how I missed reviewing Sept 09, but ah well)

Ah! And I’ve just seen that KnipMode have uploaded some of the tech drawing at-a-glance pages – click on “Patroonoverzicht” to see the pdfs.

From the issues available, my personal picks would be Nov 09 (which includes Sigrid’s awesome origami dress on the cover!), Jan 2010 (for a ton of knitwear and jackets and great jeans, plus some menswear basics and my silver tweed skirt), Aug 09 (which has Petite and Tall patterns, in addition to the knit dress I made my mom and the Weekend Bag), and Feb 2010 (with Michelle Obama-inspired patterns, plus four trenchcoats)…

Oh, and Naaipatronen provide a really good Dutch/English translation list, so no excuses!!

Note: I’ve never once received any special discounts or payment from Naaipatronen and this is not a paid review of any sort. I’m just a really happy customer!

I’m nearly done with the Colette Beignet skirt – I’ve just got the buttons and hem to do! It’s taking me forever, not because of the pattern, but because life is just so hectic right now! I got a little bit of it done while I was camping, and I squeezed in all the buttonholes in amongst making dinner and watering my massive rooftop garden last night, but I’m literally having to work on it in ten minute bursts here and there… I’m still hoping I can finish it and make the sleeveless bias cowl top from Patrones 292 before we leave for Paris next weekend! (OMG so excited!)

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