Well-travelled silks

Yay! My friend Shasha was in Malaysia recently and she went to the massive Gulati’s fabric store and brought me back some silks!

I must’ve coached her well because she bought 2m each of this gorgeous turquoise silk satin which coordinates perfectly with the blue floral silk jacquard. You can tell she’s got such the eye for colour because these two just look like they’re born to be sewn together, and she said she thought the blues would go well with my colouring. You can see bigger photos of each on their on in my fabric stash gallery.

It’s funny, she first apologised for buying a floral, but she said EVERYTHING in Malaysia was floral, and that after a while, all she could see was “curtains!” when she looked at the fabrics so she had to escape before her brain went batty, ha! I like to think we’ve got great variety and selection in our fabric stores here, but I wonder what someone would think if they only went into, say, Liberty, or a tweed suiting shop and thought that’s all people here wanted? I wish I could find a proper site for Gulati’s to see if they’re a floral specialist or if all Malaysian women really do prefer floral fabrics…

In any case, my immediate reaction was that I really want to turn these two silks into BurdaStyle’s Allie pattern (though with a front opening like a kimono rather than closed front like a muumuu) with matching camisole/nightgown! Maybe I’ll use that Manequim bias slip dress or if the new Burda envelope patterns come out in time, I’d love to try this camisole and shorts set (third image in this preview set). Yowza!

My problem is that wedding sewing deadlines and honeymoon sewing deadlines are just too close together!!

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