La Mia Boutique August 2010

After quite a few great issues of La Mia Boutique magazine, it pains me to admit that this issue seems to be a throwback of the weird, not wonderful, old days of LMB. In fact, there’s not really any “Must Sews” for me in here at all, though a few of the designs have interesting pattern shapes when you take a closer look.


First up, an oddly-shaped maxi dress for those of us with really uneven hips… Even that ruffle shape is strange.

Here’s a rather nice tunic top with a large patch pocket, paired with a knit cardigan.

Seriously, WTF is this? An enormous maxi jumpsuit with windows for your navel and a neckline down past your waist? Really, who would wear this besides this model getting paid to wear it?

Another nice-enough tunic top paired with a simple bias slip dress. This actually looks to be really similar to a Manequim slip dress, but I’ve never seen anyone suggest laying out any bias pattern the way they suggest here! That’s just asking for trouble and grainline problems!! I mean, leaving aside the front piece on the fold, the two back pieces really have to be at opposing orientations…

On the surface, this skirt looks normal enough… but then the pattern pieces jumped out at me and I think my brain is melting. That’s just weird.

And from a section pairing jackets, blouses, and trousers, I kinda liked this grey marl jersey jacket. But I’ve already got very similar patterns from KnipMode and Burda, so I can’t imagine I’d ever make it myself…

I haven’t bothered to scan the Plus section as it was just three dresses that weren’t particularly inspiring, and the kids section had some cute teeshirts and bottoms, but nothing I haven’t seen before. But I fully recognise that what isn’t my cup of tea may totally be someone else’s (like the Sept 10 Burda haters! Oh no you didn’t!), so if you really fancy something in here, I’m open to selling my copy (I paid £10 for it so I just want my investment back is all). Leave a comment if you’re interested and I can email you the at-a-glance tech drawings page, too.

I like to think that maybe they’re just getting the dregs of the summer patterns out of the way and the next issue will be full of amazing Fall fashions!

Up next – a full wedding dress update, with photos! And new lingerie muslins!

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