The Motherload of KnipMode – Part Two

You can read my roundup of Part One of the haul of older KnipModes from Hilde here, but now it’s time for the exciting conclusion to my newly-acquired stash of KnipModes from 2005 through 2007.

KnipMode May 2006

Wow Knip have gone full-on wedding crazy here! The bridal feature takes up a good third of the magazine! Ok so the wedding gown is not really to my taste, but I still think it’s a shame that the pattern is a special-offer to post away for and isn’t included…

…but the patterns for the rest of the bridal party are!! Everyone from the baby to mother of the bride to wow! those are the first maternity patterns I’ve ever seen in Knip! I wonder why they stopped printing them, especially since Burda and Patrones seem to publish maternity patterns with some regularity.

I really liked the khaki and white colour scheme of this feature, especially with this model’s colouring, but my favourite pattern of the lot was these nice pleated trousers:

A supplement! Sadly with nothing much of note inside, so we’ll skip forward and speak of this no more…

KnipMode June 2006

When I first saw this issue I got all excited, because hey! Swimsuits! You don’t see patterns for those every day…

Then I got annoyed when I saw that the swimsuit patterns are free but you have to send away for them??

I gave myself a mental slap around the head and thought, “Melissa, don’t be so greedy – you still haven’t worn the swimsuit you made two years ago (err, yeah, that’s how often I go swimming) and you’ve already got a Patrones issue almost entirely comprised of swimsuits.

One swimsuit pattern is included, however, and that’s another Plus sized swimsuit! I love those pleated cups, and this has the big, illustrated instructions for this issue, too.

KnipMode May 2007

(This issue is exciting for me because we’ve crossed the line into when I discovered KnipMode in real life! The Feb, March, and April 07 issues were the first I ever owned, bought when we were buying the boat in The Netherlands!)

I absolutely love this lace camisole! They’ve got it as outerwear here, but it could just as easily be pretty under a suit jacket or as part of a lingerie set.

There’s a whole bunch of different skirt shapes going on here! I think I’m mostly likely to make the jeanskirt, but the draped style is really in fashion right now, too (though minus the weird knot detail).

More swimsuits! Knip swimsuit patterns seem to be like London buses – you wait ages for one and then a ton all come at once!

There’s an extra supplement with this issue, too! This one is aimed especially for beginners with simple lines and lots of big diagrams throughout.

Here’s a basic but nice pullover to show what I mean…

KnipMode June 07

This is a different take on the basic rap dress, but adding these contrast satin bands really gives the dress an extra look. This is an easy way to show off some lovely silk prints, and it could be done on the wrap dress pattern of your choice, too.

I quite like this olive green skirt – on first glance it looks like a rugged, outdoorsy, hiking skirt, but the styling really works here to dress it up, too.

Another Plus swimsuit!

KnipMode July 07

There are some great casual patterns in this issue, like this very wearable sleeveless teeshirt…

…a gathered, banded teeshirt…

…and short-sleeved jacket.

And that concludes the Motherlode of KnipMode! What really struck me most is how little most of these patterns have aged – you could very easily take a pattern that’s five years old and make it today and no one would bat an eye.

In fact, that’s exactly what I’ve just done! (Full photoshoot tomorrow!)

Thank you, Hilde!!

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