Manequim January 2011

This was a total surprise when it appeared in my postbox last week, as I’d only received the December issue a scant week or so before that (I believe December was just delayed from the holidays and my subscription starting later in their publishing cycle). I must say, I always let loose a little squeal and do the happy dance when I see one of my magazines in our postbox!

Brazil are still in the middle of summer, so there are a lot of shorts in this issue, but it’s an awful lot more wearable than the bulk of December to my eyes!

This pleated, banded sheath dress is exactly what Manequim do best! To me this looks like it was taken straight out of Victoria Beckham’s closet, I swear!

This might be my favourite dress of this issue. On first glance, it just looks like a basic shape, but if you look further you can see a huge amount of crazy diagonal seaming, and if you look closer again, you can see that some of the seams have exposed zippers that you can open for little flashes of skin! It’s only one size larger than me, too, so it’d be simple to size down a smidge.

I don’t think I’d actually wear either of these, but I like the look and I also think it’s really refreshing that they didn’t airbrush the actress’s leg!

In the style of Chloe, we have a fantastic silk crepe blouse and bootcut trousers. I think I’m more likely to make the blouse than the trousers, as I really like the yoke and tie front and I don’t recall seeing a pattern like this anywhere else (and let’s be fair, it doesn’t hurt that it’s in my size, either).

Squeeeee! Skorts! And they’re in my size!! (Though I must remember that my bum looks awful from the back in skorts/shorts, oh dear)

On first glance, I loved this sheath dress with the curved section and back V-neck, but then I saw from the pattern pieces that it really is just a basic sheath dress with a curved bit inserted into the side seam. So really, anyone could do this by just drawing some curvy lines on your TNT sheath dress and cutting the curved part out twice.

And finally, there was a rather good Plus section this time, knocking off a bunch of catwalk looks from, including some really funky pleated shorts and this amazing pleated dress. How flattering would this be??

Coming up: The February KnipMode and my freaking awesome Burda September cover dress. Yayness!

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