Me-Made March

Me-Made March has been in full swing for a month now, and as I stated in February, I’ve been playing along at home, but taking photos of what I wear every day is just completely infeasible for me, so I’ve just kept a record of what I’ve worn instead.

I did something similar a few years ago and it was really helpful in observing what I tended to wear throughout the week and which items I turned to most often. I can’t actually remember the last time I wore an outfit that didn’t contain at least one “me-made” item (not counting weekends, where I live in grotty, boat-DIY clothes), so this challenge isn’t really that challenging for me! It’s what I tend to wear anyway!


  1. Tues. Navy blue riding trousers & purple cashmere turtleneck (RTW)
  2. Wed. Taupe corduroy skirt & turquoise mohair sweater (layered over a RTW white long sleeved top) (so yes, I am wearing the exact same outfit as shown in my citizenship post, right down to the same tights and boots!)

  3. Thur. First Jalie jeans & plum and green lace Patrones top
  4. Fri. Foldover wool trousers (so warm!) & RTW black long sleeved top
  5. Sat. Two 40th birthday parties! Burda September cover dress

  6. Sun. Friends over for lunch. First Jaile jeans & Striped breton top
  7. Mon. Steel grey cords & ribbed Lekala top
  8. Tues. Thames jeans & khaki ASOS draped top (RTW)
  9. Wed. KnipMode puzzle trousers, white teeshirt, & vintage navy blue cardigan (my mom’s in high school) – an outfit built around my new acid yellow trainers!
  10. Thur. A-line denim skirt, rose and lace teeshirt, and cream crochet Wolford tights
  11. Fri. NY-Lon jeans & plum and green lace Patrones top

  12. Sat. In the garden, stayed at home. First-ever jeans & lime green fleece.
  13. Sun. Shopping and a visit with relatives. NY-Lon jeans, blue draped ASOS top (RTW) and the MyImage bolero
  14. Mon. Navy riding trousers & caramel turtleneck
  15. Tues. Beignet skirt & blue shirred turtleneck
  16. Wed. Steel grey cords & a pale pink RTW teeshirt
  17. Thur. Foldover wool trousers & brown RTW long sleeved top
  18. Fri. Silk jersey 31st birthday dress

  19. Sat. Gardening, baking, cleaning, and sewing at home. Black RTW cords & ribbed Lekala top
  20. Sun. Skirt sewing lesson. NY-Lon jeans & caramel turtleneck
  21. Mon. KnipMode boyfriend jeans & White wool jersey turtleneck
  22. Tues. Navy riding trousers & Patrones yoked silk blouse
  23. Wed. NY-Lon jeans, blue KnipMode gathered top, & the velvety MyImage bolero
  24. Thur. A-line denim skirt & blue ASOS drape shirt (RTW)
  25. Fri. BIRTHDAY!! Thames jeans & Manequim silk birthday blouse

  26. Sat. Day at home: First Jaile jeans & gathered side print top. Birthday dinner in town: 30th birthday emerald silk dress (It fits better now than when I made it, ha!).
  27. Sun. A truly filthy day on the boat. RTW old jeans & slate blue kimono top
  28. Mon. Grey tartan Alexis skirt & purple KnipMode gathered top
  29. Tues. NY-Lon jeans & plum lace turtleneck. Out to a gig! NY-Lon jeans, RTW sequin top, & the velvety MyImage bolero
  30. Wed. Navy riding trousers & caramel turtleneck
  31. Thurs. Grey leather skirt, RTW thin white sweater, etsy octopus “tattoo” tights & the velvety MyImage bolero


  • Trousers vs skirts & dresses – 23 days I wore trousers, and 8 days I wore skirts or dresses. But that’s kinda unfair as I’d never do filthy boat stuff in a skirt or dress, and the first half of the month was freezing, too!
  • Most worn? Navy riding trousers (4), NY-Lon jeans (4 – not bad considering they didn’t exist at the beginning of the month!), plum and green lace Patrones top (3), caramel turtleneck (3)
  • Oldest me-made item worn? My first-ever jeans, made back in 2007, but they are definitely relegated to “around the boat” wear only these days. Next oldest item I think was my grey Alexis skirt, also from 2007, which I still wear all the time!
  • 13 RTW items vs 55 me-made items. Though that’s not counting my me-made coats (nor me-made underwear!)
  • Any surprises? Hmm, not really. I’m proud that I seem to be wearing about 3/4 me-made, and the rest RTW. I’m mixing up the newly made stuff with a lot of “back catalogue” sewn items, too.

Here’s a sneak peek of my entry into the PR Mini-wardrobe contest for you, too (I’ll post more once voting is open next week

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