Burda magazine September 2012

Thank you so much for all your compliments on my Fuchsia party dress (and marathon legs, ha)! Apologies if any of you had trouble with the link – I’d originally categorised it wrong and had to correct it, which changed the URL.

Also, big thanks to everyone who entered my competition for the MyImage magazine – I was blown away by the number and wonderful variety of pattern request ideas in your comments! Now, if I ever had a chunk of time spare to draft them all, I’d be a rich woman… Anyway, the random number generator drew 32, which means Silvia is the lucky recipient!

The calendar might still say August for another day, but at least in London, there’s a definite crispness in the air that signals the return of Fall, and Burda’s already got this covered with another fantastic issue!

We had a similar (but A-line) dress in the May issue, but I actually prefer the lines on this petite dress instead, and that it can be worn with a bolero to give it sleeves is just a bonus!

Both garment here are really simple, but as you can see from the photos that you can really create a lot of interest just with fabrics. The top is really just a long sleeved teeshirt with inserted seams at the shoulders (like my Knipmode rose and lace teeshirt!) and the skirt is just a basic pencil skirt, but together, they really work, and are within reach of most beginner sewists.

At first I wasn’t taken with this blouse – until I realised the collar is actually askew, and now I love it! It really reminds me of a vintage 80s designer blouse I own that has the same asymmetric collar…

This jumper with in-seam pockets feels a bit too “1960s costumey” to me, but that floppy turtleneck looks VERY very very useful indeed!

I’m extremely likely to make this top, as I’ve got the perfect turquoise sweatshirting in my stash already, and I love that this is a “dressy casual” top, with a lovely V-neck in the back. That, and the scoop darts are very cool!

SWOON! Burda have totally raised the bar with this pattern from designer Matthew Wiiliamson! Besides being the biggest name since Karl Lagerfeld contributed two patterns a few years ago (here and here), this dress’s seam lines and inset pockets are just fantastic! I just received some heavyweight satins that would be perfect for this.

I’m happy Burda are using a larger model for their Plus sized designs, and I think this jacket and the leather trousers are both really great picks.

Up next: A Manequim magazine, a running fancy dress costume, another running skirt, the wildest fabric you’ve ever seen, and, ohh, even a peplum thrown in for good measure…

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