Burda magazine May 2013

Here’s my “one liner” review of this issue – if you’re looking for Spring sewing inspiration, you probably won’t find it here!

I’ve felt the last few Burda issues were a bit lacklustre and this one is even worse. There are a few nice patterns, but most require alterations in order to make them wearable for most people, or are things we’ve seen before. I’ll leave it to Paunnet to tear apart all the horrible rectangle “patterns” in this issue!

First up we’ve got a retro-style bikini with a cute tie in the front and shirred elastic at the back, and elasticated briefs. I found it a bit strange that this is drafted for wovens, when it’d be much more comfortable in a traditional swimsuit lycra. I also saw an idea online that it’d be really cute lengthened into a dress or top! (PDF Pattern here)

There’s a bunch going on in this page – first a cardigan (rather a lot like Jalie’s new one, but for wovens), trousers that look way too much like pyjamas for my liking, and a quite nice dress (which also has a short sleeved option) if you leave off the cutesy patch pockets. (Cardigan PDF Pattern here)

This twist-top is probably my favourite in this issue, but it looks like it either requires a camisole underneath, or some extensive alterations. And I swear there’s a pattern exactly like this in one of the Pattern Magic books, so it’s hardly original.

Oh god, I’m getting light-headed, having dangerous flashbacks to that awful, awful April cover top from last year with similar floating sleeves and little to no shape in the body… Someone pass me a paper bag!

Happily, Burda have brought back the vintage reproduction pattern after a few issues away (these and the designer patterns seem to be very sporadic – it’s not like they have a lack of back catalogue to choose from?) with this rather sweet 1960s sheath dress. It’s got good lines and some interesting shaping in front, but it doesn’t particularly excite me, I must say. (PDF Pattern here)

Ok, credit where credit’s due – this maxidress is simply stunning, with that deep, contrast V neckline in front and back. It almost makes me wish I wore maxidresses, and had some exotic island getaway to wear it to!

And finally, in the Plus section, I really liked this long sleeved tee with gathered side seams! It’s made with a regular knit underneath and a thin, transparent jersey over top and it’d be really forgiving to lumps and bumps – bonus points that the ruched overlayer continues onto the back, too. (PDF Pattern here)

So these were my picks – were there any others that you liked that I overlooked? I’m in the midst of gathering together my Spring sewing ideas and issues like this are actually making it easier for me to whittle down my pattern choices!

Also, since I keep getting emails and tweets about it – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the Great British Sewing Bee over the past few weeks! Thank you very much for all your comments suggesting I should apply – I actually did, but was let go after the third round, but told I definitely should apply again for the second season. So we’ll see whether the producers think I’m “British” enough to compete this year, eh??

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