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Hoo boy. Last month's Burda roundup sure divided opinion! Thankfully, October's edition sees us deep into Fall fashion, with hardly a dirnd- oh wait... 😒

Hoo boy. Last month’s Burda roundup sure divided opinion! Thankfully, October’s edition sees us deep into Fall fashion, with hardly a dirnd- oh wait… 😒


I’m going to skip past the “hippie-looks” feature entirely since nothing really grabbed me, and move straight on to the nautical-themed feature, where nearly everything grabbed me! I don’t think it’s particularly because I live on a boat, but more because I’m drawn to clean lines and classic shapes, like this short pea coat with a belted waist. Since I already made a short, wool coat earlier this year, I’ve not really got any need for another for a while…


Also in the nautical feature is this raglan-sleeved, loose-fitting sweater, which could be a fantastic cool weather staple (with or without those buttons). Also seen here is a nice seamed pencil skirt in Petite sizes, which uses trim to accentuate the radiating seamlines.



Now, I’ve been tempted to make some culottes for a while now, but these might just push me over the edge, not because they have the full, illustrated instructions for this issue, but because they’ve got an extra centre front panel that could be easily made removeable to change the look depending on your whims. And because, for me, the main draw of culottes would be that they’re cycling friendly, but I could imagine that central portion getting tangled up in the spokes, ee gads!


Now, I could’ve sworn that Burda have done a tie-front teeshirt design like this before, but when I actually went to track it down, I couldn’t actually find any. I really like the tie front on this, but I’m not so keen on the wide neckline or the dropped-shoulder sleeves, so I’d probably instead graft these ties onto my TNT teeshirt pattern and make that instead!


It can be hard to find a beautiful, elegant, office-appropriate dress with long sleeves, but this design is just lovely. I really like the narrow, keyhole neckline, and the waistband is adorned with simple, tone-on-tone running stitches, made by hand.


Oh man, another elegant, office-appropriate long sleeved dress!?! You’re killing me here, Burda! I really love both this version and the busy print one, with those pockets that add just a bit of structure and visual interest to an otherwise very classic, V-neck dress. Bravo!


This is the Petite pattern for this issue (along with the skirt, seen earlier, that uses the bottom half). Of course I like the idea of a sheath dress with radiating seamlines, but I made mine using different textures of the same colour satin! (Also, Burda’s choice of straight lines would make theirs way easier than mine to sew!)


Hey Plus-sized ladies, if you were feeling left out of the dirndlpalooza last month, now you too can have a bunch of ugly and unflattering costume dresses! And if the bust is too low or doesn’t fit (like the poor model in nearly every photo) – who cares! Just cram some roses down your girls and be on your way to your local bierhall…


And finally, from the kids section, how adorable are these knitted bear socks?? Maybe these are a common design in the knitting world, but as a rare “no, I don’t knit, I just sew” lady, I’d never seen these before!


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    As a plus-size woman, this issue made me sad. Dirndls are fine, but they have the same patterns every year. I also subscribe to the biannual Burda Plus, and the autumn/winter issue just arrived. Here is a link to preview all the designs, which can be purchased individually online. http://www.burdastyle.de/archiv/burda-plus-hw-2016/plus-hw-2016-alle-modelle/ I’m not a Burda employee, just wanted to share the opportunity for more wearable patterns.

  2. 2

    The Fall Burda Plus more than made up for the dirndl-only Plus collection in the October BurdaStyle. The designs in the Burda Plus are mostly fantastic, all new pattern designs too! I get that the dirndls are important to many of the German readers, but Burda is an international company, and it would be nice if they didn’t make their only Plus collection in a monthly issue completely consisting of dirndls and traditional jackets to go with them. Over all, though, it’s been a good year for those of us who are sized in their Plus range. The designers have really stepped up.

  3. 3
    Beth (SunnyGal Studio)

    you picked some of my favorites, those two long sleeve dresses are so nice! and I have been stalking the BurdaStyle website so I can purchase the PDF of the peacoat, it is exactly what I have been searching for. I might even do the detachable fur collar.

  4. 4
    Nancy K

    I got into trouble on PR for saying I just didn’t get why anyone would wears these costumes. These are some of the ugliest Oktoberfest garments that I can remember. I also got in trouble for saying that you don’t really need a pattern for a dirndl. Well, you don’t. But the neckline is still too low even with all of those ugly flowers. That sleeve looks uncomfortable as well as looking bad.
    The rest of your choices are actually really nice. I don’t need the dresses, but I love the jacket.

  5. 6
    SJ Kurtz

    I do wish I still had the loden jacket that I made to go with my dirndl back in 1983 from a Burda pattern. A princess seamed gray wool jacket would always be useful no matter what I wore under it.
    That said. the fit on hers is really sad. They didn’t even photoshop it out, or shove more flowers in to fill.

    I don’t see the magazine unless I go to the one store in Seattle that carries it, but I do get the web updates, so I feel I already know all the Burda I will ever ever need. There’s nothing new there. Then again, I feel that way about 99% of the Big (Four)Two houses patterns.
    Now that FehrTrade kid, she’s onto something new…..

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