Yellow merino turtleneck sweater with thumb cuffs

Harriet lumberjacket

After my success with the test version of that Burda turtleneck (polo neck) pattern in the black and white scribble fabric, I figured I’d just use the same pattern for some of my precious merino jersey. Because seriously, what’s better that a super warm, snugly turtleneck in a cheery colour when it’s cold and dark outside, eh?

I bought a bunch of merino jersey from The Fabric Store last year, because, frankly, no one has a better choice of colours, and finding a source more local than New Zealand was next to impossible (unless you want beige or black). The bright and cheery “Citrus” colourway spoke to me first, and I love it!

After wearing the monochrome version for a while, I decided that the collar was just too ridiculously big, so my only change for this version was to halve the collar height. Even with just half the drafted height there’s plenty enough to fold over!

I also grafted the thumb cuffs from my Tessellate Tee pattern onto the ends of the Burda sleeves, which was just a matter of making sure the cuff width matched the end of the sleeve. Super easy to do, and it’s made the jumper like 20% more snugly.

The end result is a top I’ve been wearing pretty much non-stop since I made it! I think mustard is a great “gateway” yellow but now I am totally into just about every shade there is, and I’ve found myself reaching for this jumper so many times on cold, dark mornings when I need cheering up. 💛

But never quite got around to doing a full photoshoot, so I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with selfies! Oh, and the citrus yellow didn’t stop there – I made myself a buff from the offcuts and it’s been very useful for winter running and as an ear warmer under my cycling helmet!


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    Beads and Barnacles

    This looks so fantastic. I really need to make myself something like this, to keep out the chill when on ship. *Off to find some Merino*

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    Patricia O

    If the great metropolis has been as cold as my hometown in the north-west midlands you need something like this at this time of year! And also you have something that you can wear without people saying “Did you get that in Marks and Sparks?” – that used to drive me batty back in the day when I did get stuff from Marks and Sparks (though to be fair they are good about changing things or they were when I purchased from them before they became terriby, terribly expensive – I did get a fine (in the sense of thin) sweater from them last year using a voucher though). I made something not quite the same as the thumb cuffs but along the same lines for a pair of fingerless gloves (for when I type – the room where my computer is situated faces north) that I concoted out of some leftover fleece from a hoodie I made – nice and warm but they are a quite pale pink and as you say when they are light colour they do get grubby quickly. So a spare pair is in order I think. I think you were sensible to nab the merino while you could – there have been a couple of times I have set my beady eye on some material and waited for my pension or money from the bit of typing I do to go into my bank account and guess what, yes that’s right, when I’ve gone to order it, it has either sold out or there has not been enough left in stock for the pattern I had in mind. Off topic, will you be showcasing Mrs Orange Lingerie’s new bra pattern?

    Beans and Barnacles, are you a stewardess or a croupier on a ship or something of that ilk (though no need to answer that if you think I’m poking my nose where it doesn’t belong).

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