Burda magazine November 2016

November is the start of winter in the Northern hemisphere and for Burda, this also means the start of the glitzy holiday party patterns, too! Thankfully, this issue also has a good variety of warm, wearable separates if you’re Billy No Mates and haven’t got a Christmas party to attend this year (waaaah! Anyone want me to come gatecrash their party??). So let’s take a look at my highlights this month…


We’re starting on a high right away here because I love this hoodie/cape/poncho and the culottes it’s paired with, too. You can’t really see it in the photo, but the culottes have an interesting, integrated belt with a single belt loop, too. One day I’ll actually make a pair like I’ve been threatening to for months!


This is so wrong on so many levels. 😳 Just… no.


OMG I love everything about this coat! First of all, the photoshoot and bright colours are reminiscent of one of my favourite ever Burda issues several years ago, but I love that this coat has so many oversized details but still remains feminine. Even the sleeve tabs are larger than ormal, and it reminds me of an oversized Maison Martin Margiela collection from the 90s (but to a much more wearable degree!)


Here’s that same hoodie/cape/poncho as before but this time without the fur edging, which makes it much more wearable for wet London weather. If I wasn’t already midway through sewing a different Burda cape/coak, this one would be high on my list! It also has the illustrated instructions for this issue, which is definitely a bonus if you’re not fluent in Burda-ese.


The second set of illustrated instructions in this issue belongs to this flounce skirt, which looks so chic, wearable, and easy to sew at the same time. And I love the vibrant colour, too!


When a new issue arrives, I often “cheat” and skip ahead to look at the At A Glance page before reading through the magazine, and on my cheat peek this trousers nearly jumped off the page! I made a pair of wool trousers with a similar deep pleat back in 2009 from a KnipMode pattern and I wore them to death. I got so many compliments every time I wore them. And people, this pattern is even better, because it’s for jerseys!!


No, this sweatshirt that you’ve inserted a zipper into and covered in rhinestones does not look like a bomber jacket. It looks exactly like a sweatshirt with rhinestones stuck on it. Starting with such a distinctive grey marl sweatshirt was really setting themselves up for failure here.


First off, I’ve never met a pair of leather trousers I don’t like, so of course I’m drawn to these! I like the idea of the top with the extra ties in front (StyleArc have released a dress with a similar detail already), but there’s something wrong with this photoshoot that they’ve twisted the entire top to have the ties at the side (you can see the side seam has twisted, too). So maybe if it’s in the centre it just gets caught in your crotch as you walk or something?


Now, onto the Plus section, where we have a twist on the classic pinstripe blazer! I really like the idea of a feminine take on the men’s suit jacket, and I like the horizontal stripes on the waist tab, but it’s a shame the jacket appears to be a size or two too large for the model…


I utterly love this coat, and that there are pockets integrated into those angular darts/seams. Love this!!


There are a few other tops, dresses, and coats in the Plus section that didn’t really stand out but WOW look at the neckline on this sheath dress! Reading through the instructions, it looks as those Burda heave printed a template and you lay and twist petersham ribbon over top to match it. Totally va-va voom!


And finally, in the kids section, I think this coat is just gorgeous! The shape and asymmetric closure is both timeless and simple, and wouldn’t interfere with play, either. Shame I don’t have a little girl to sew this for!

So overall, I think this is a great issue – lots of interesting and wearable designs! What do you think – did I miss anything you loved?


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  1. 1

    When I got this issue, I was also attracted to the hoodie. But then I saw it seemed to be slipping the model’s shoulders, so I’ll wait to see if someone sews it first. It has the potencial to become a potato sack IMHO.

  2. 2

    LOL, I about spit out my drink laughing at your comment about the shirt with the tie in front “So maybe if it’s in the centre it just gets caught in your crotch as you walk or something?” I also agree with you about the open shoulder/neck shirt 108B – just no. For several reasons… just no.

  3. 3

    This issue isn’t really my style… but I may take a second look at the sleeveless coat. That’s a phrase I never thought I’d say! I’m strangely attracted to them lately, though!

  4. 4

    I was immediately attracted to the sheath dress with the woven ribbon detail, but looking at it, I have to wonder if it is possible to move one’s arms upward in that design. I do like that pinstripe jacket.

  5. 6
    Karen M.

    I’m glad other people don’t like the off the shoulder top too. I am glad the Burda magazine is going back to the quality it had when it was BWOF.

    • 9

      I do subscribe, but I’ve seen it at all the big railway station WH Smiths here in London. I don’t know if that’s the case elsewhere in the UK though? If you can’t find it at yours, there are usually lots of copies for sale on eBay for pretty cheaply while the issue is current.

  6. 11

    I only buy Burda a few times a year when I really like the patterns and the November one is just full of my favourites: I love the hoodie, but do not see myself sewing/wearing it, but tonight I am just working on the skirt 101 and will be sewing the 109 blouse which goes with it :o) It will also serve as a test for the 110 dress which I absolutely need for a wedding I am attending mid-November.
    Soooo, not quite the same favourites as you, but it is a good message for Burda that this number is a real success.

  7. 17

    I really think 2016 will be one of those years I keep going back to (Burda wise I mean!). Very astute of you to notice the model photos on that hip tie top, I’ve almost finished it in the long sleeve version and the ties are ridiculously long, like almost to my knees and they would definitely get tangled up in your legs if you walked anywhere! I’m going to lop a lot off the ends and pay more attention to photos in future!!

  8. 19

    It’s a while since I have been tempted to buy an issue but the garments here (particularly the coat!) are very appealing. I will check out the other designs in store and may buy!

  9. 20

    For the past year Burda’s Plus designs have been great (finally). I love the tweed coat, but the petersham dress, meh. I want to like the blazer, but I think you are right about the size. Maybe it’s because of the underarm gusset. Anyway, while there are good Plus designs this issue, I really like a lot of your other picks, too. I wish Burda would expand the size range of their “regular” styles.

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