Simultaneous sewing

I generally like to only work on one project at a time, but sometimes, for ease of tracing or bulk-cutting, or because (heaven forbid!) I run out of some necessary supply, I end up working on multiple projects at once. For me, this road is the way to Unfinished Objects (UFOs), and a treacherous one to travel down.

Far, far more frequently, though, I get a posting backlog so it just appears as though I’m working on a few things at once!

So right now, my tally is…

The Disco top and leggings

I posted about the leggings in December and the top last week, but I owe you a proper photoshoot for both!

The pink and orange tie-back top

I can’t talk too much about this one here because my niece reads the site, but this one has been finished for a few weeks, and I’ll get some photos of her wearing it when I’m over in the States after Easter.

The striped raglan tee

This is new-to-you, but I’ve also sewed a top for my nephew to give at the same time. I just finished this one this weekend, and I’ll also get photos of him wearing it when I’m in the States.

Like my niece’s top, I’ll likely post a Pattern Review of this over the next few days while it’s fresh in my mind, and then update the review with fresh photos once he’s had a chance to wear it.

The blue ponte chic top

My mom loved her lavender chic sweatshirt so much that she sent over some royal blue ponte jersey so I could sew her another in a more Spring-friendly fabric.

I cut this one out over the weekend and hand-basted all the curved darts, but didn’t get as far as to vilene bias tape the neckline nor get anything stitched together. The good thing is that since this is the fourth time I’ve sewn this, it shouldn’t take me more than an hour or so.

Then she’ll also get this hand-delivered with a photoshoot thrust upon her in April (maybe we’ll even get lucky and see the cherry blossoms in DC!).

The refashioned race tee

My doctor said “no way!” to me racing the half marathon in Paris the other weekend, but since I was there anyway to cheer, I went to the expo and picked up all the stuff I’d already paid for. Included in the goodie bag was the official race shirt, which this year is bright yellow with the race logo on front and a bunch of adidas branding for their new shoe on the sleeves and back.

I think the race logo is really clever and the shirt’s made of nice wicking fabric, but I’m not so big on being a running billboard (to be fair though – this isn’t half as bad as the Amsterdam marathon shirt which had the corporate sponsor bigger than the race logo!!) so I got a bigger shirt than usual with an eye to refashion it.

So while I had my cutting surface cleared off, I cut along the sides and sleeves so I could fold it along the centre front and centre back, then pinned my racerback running vest pattern (based on the Kristina Shin sloper) to it. That’s as far as I got, though, before the lovely Laura appeared at the moorings for afternoon tea, so my next step is to cut it out, check my leftover black bindings are long enough, then construct and bind it.

The surprise I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-silk fabric

A surprise parcel arrived in our postbox last week, and it felt like fabric!

Hooray! It was fabric, a surprise gift from Claire because she knew I’d been ill for so long! I swear it feels exactly like silk, too, and I couldn’t believe it when I unfolded it and saw the tag saying it’s a poly/nylon mix! I actually had “silk for blouses” on my shopping list, and there’s plenty here for a blouse and some leftover for lingerie, since it’s washable and happens to match my purple Kantje-Boord lace perfectly!

The birthday dress

I haven’t started this yet, but my birthday’s only in (gasp!) two weeks (seriously, only two weeks? aaaahhhh!) and I’d had in mind that I’d make myself the Burda Matthew Williamson sheath dress from the September 2012 issue in some dark purple duchesse satin I’ve had in my stash for ages. But possibly now in light of the time, I may make this to take to the States instead!

Pattern PSA

Oh, and in case anyone is interested, Burda have finally gone back and uploaded patterns from my favourite September 2010 issue (there’s more if you search for “09/2010” and then click on Patterns, too). Remember the cover dress I made winter and summer lace versions of? Or the caramel turtleneck? Or my failed Armani coat muslins? Or the peach silk shell top? Well they’re all online now in case you’ve not been lucky enough to find this issue on eBay!

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