Lightspeed Leggings sewing pattern – out now!

This pattern has been a long time in the making. I originally wanted to make a leggings pattern for men way back in 2014 after I’d released the Surf to Summit Top pattern for men. I made quite a few muslin attempts over the years but I kept getting distracted and discouraged by the lack of drafting information (anywhere!) for a close fitting men’s crotch curve, so it kept being put aside for other patterns ideas.

But I finally resolved to crack it, and I’m proud that the resulting pattern provides a comfortable fit for active men! There are front and back panels and a one-piece leg (so men can finally have crazy patterned leggings without a side seam getting in the way, too!), and the shorts length can be used equally well for base layers under shorts, too.


The optional back pocket is big enough for even the phattest of phones, plus it’s got a secure zipper closure and the clean finish inside means it won’t chafe or bounce as he moves, either. The construction of this took several iterations to perfect, and I must give my fantastic group of pattern testers credit for calling me out when the (earlier version) construction got too complex – the finished pocket construction is straightforward, tidy, and so much quicker than earlier iterations!


As with all my patterns, the Lightspeed Leggings come in a full XXS-XL size range, complete with fully illustrated instructions and a “Common Fit Alterations Section” to help you adjust the pattern pieces. All my patterns come complete with both “Print at home” versions, compatible for both US and A4 paper sizes, as well as a “Copy Shop” version, sized for A0 and also compatible with 36in wide format printers so you can take it to your local reprographics shop if you don’t fancy cutting and taping.


But this time around, both pattern files are also layered (new!) so you can choose to only print off the size or sizes you need without the others getting in the way!


I’ll be showing you more photos over the next few weeks, and introducing you to the athlete models for this pattern, but to celebrate, you can use code LIGHTSPEED for 15% off all sewing patterns at until 18 October. You could use it to buy the new Lightspeed Leggings, or to sew up a men’s Surf to Summit Top (seen on both models here), too, or even something from our collection of ladies activewear patterns – the more you buy, the more you save! Paypal users, take note that you must go quite far through the checkout process before the discount box appears.

And (whisper it) these make excellent Christmas gifts, too!

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    Linda (aCraftyScrivener)

    Very very cool! Unfortunately my husband only wears the cycling ‘bibs’ I.e. Shorts with an undershirt/singlet attached. Any ideas to hack this pattern to that? I am currently taking apart an old pair, but the bib part is stretched out so won’t be able to make a good pattern from it.

    • 2

      Yeah it’d be fairly easy to add bib tops – I’d recommend making up a shorts version as-is in cheap lycra (which will be worth checking the fit for the finished bib shorts anyway), then measuring from the shorts waist up and over the shoulder (and back down to the shorts waist). Those two measurements should help you see how much you need to add onto the top and how much should be added onto the Front/Side/Back pieces. I’d finish the edges in something like FOE, or folded under elastic a’la the XYT Workout Top.

  2. 6

    Could these shorts be modified to add padding to the seat? My husband likes padded shorts for mountain biking. Great looking pattern!

    • 7

      Hi Margo. Yes, you can add chamois pads into these after you’ve completed the construction (I’m actually doing this to the ombré pair for James!). Baste near the edge of the pad with a wide zigzag, check the position on the bike, then sew over the edge with a dense zigzag. I’ve listed suppliers in the post “Pimp My Duathlon Shorts”. Happy sewing!

  3. 10

    Hi Melissa. I’m a novice sewer who wants to give these a go in the not-too-distant future. Can I ask, for a given hip measurement, is this pattern ‘one size fits all’ regarding height, limb length, musculature etc.?

    • 11

      Hi Mo. The given measurements on the shop entry page ( are for the body – the finished leggings will be 80% of the given hip measurement as it’s designs to stretch and move with the body rather than sagging down! Stretch fabrics are a lot more forgiving than woven, but I cannot possibly design for every single different body out there, so yes, you will likely have to make some adjustments for yourself after sewing up a test version – this is pretty much expected for any sewing pattern out there. 😉 (Also, if you’re a novice sewer I’d recommend skipping the zipper pocket until you gain a bit more confidence as it’s pretty tricky and may result in frustration when you could be otherwise working out in your new leggings!)

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