Jason’s houndstooth Lightspeed shorts & cycling jersey

Thanks so much for all your enthusiasm over our new Lightspeed Leggings pattern! There's also been a bit of *ahem* enthusiasm over our latest athlete model, Jason, so I thought it was high time you learned a little bit more about our cover star!

Thanks so much for all your enthusiasm over our new Lightspeed Leggings pattern! There’s also been a bit of *ahem* enthusiasm over our latest athlete model, Jason, so I thought it was high time you learned a little bit more about our cover star!


Jason Lightspeed - arms crossed

I’ve known Jason for a few years now through Run dem Crew. He’s one of the fastest guys in the crew, but he’s even more at home on the bike than he is running, and unlike a lot of super speedy folks, Jason always has time to drop back to help people who are struggling. He’s been known to jump onto marathon courses to get friends through those last few miles, cycle all across London to give someone company on their cold, long training runs, and when we cycled Dunwich Dynamo earlier this summer, he was actually zigzagging backwards along the course between our various groups just to make sure everyone was ok (meaning he probably doubled the distance that night!).

Jason Lightspeed - looking downJason Lightspeed - riding bike

I always try to pick athlete models that will inspire others, and Jason is not just a fantastic friend and speedy guy, but his endurance and recovery across two disciplines is nothing short of astounding. The day before our photoshoot he’d just completed a 2-day London to Edinburgh (and back!!) mixed cycling/running relay as part of the FitBit50 team. Which just blows my mind.

But the weekend before that, he ran Berlin marathon, and casually PBed.

The weekend before that, he ran a PB at Copenhagen half marathon, having already cycled a 50km tempo session. He celebrated his shiny new PB by, err, jumping on his bike for another 50km tempo ride!

Jason Lightspeed - running

He’s also got great taste, having picked out this houndstooth lycra (which was a gift, so I don’t have a supplier link, sorry!) from my deep lycra stash. The shorts are sewn up in a size Small with some extra length added to the hem to account for his longer legs.

Jason Lightspeed - zipper pocket detailJason Lightspeed - zipper pocket with phone

When he’d picked out the lycra, I was telling him about the design and he was adamant that zippered back pockets never work for running – apparently his Nike shorts bounce all over the place when he puts anything in the pocket. I assured him that my designs are different, and that I’d turn him round.

You should’ve seen his face when I demonstrated the pocket and put his phone in there. For starters, he was delighted that his big phone actually fits, but also that he did a little run around and there was no bounce! I think I was admirably restrained in not showing him my “I told you so!” face!

Houndstooth Lightspeed - zipper open detailHoundstooth Lightspeed - inside back pocket

On top of it being big, functional, securely fastened, and straightforward to sew, the pocket has got a clean finish inside and out, so there’s no chance of the zipper tape rubbing against the skin or causing chafing, either.

Fall Surf to Summit - laid flat

I also wanted to show how nicely our men’s Surf to Summit Top pattern pairs with the Lightspeed Leggings, so I sewed up a version for Jason to wear as well. I made the short sleeved variant with the dipped hem and back pockets, but instead of a half zip, I used a full-length opening zipper (mostly since I had a great colour match in my stash!).

Fall Surf to Summit - zipper open detail

This is a really easy change – just cut the Front with a seam allowance instead of on the fold, but also cut an extra strip to act as a fly shield so the zipper isn’t against the skin. Be sure to interface the edges of the Front where the zipper will be attached to prevent rippling!

Fall Surf to Summit - back pocket detail

I even had some matching forest green elastic in my stash, but this was some flat herringbone elastic rather than FOE, so I had to apply it a little differently to the hems and back pocket. First I zigzagged one edge hanging off the wrong side of the garment edge, then flipped the elastic to the right side (encasing the edge), and zigzag-topstitched along the other edge of the elastic.

And just in case you don’t believe me when I tell you we always have so much fun with our athlete models, well…!


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  1. 1

    Australia has the budgie nine, you have Jason,
    I love reading your blog and when I find the secret of eternal youth I’ll start stitching lycra and join Jason on a bike ride.
    Superb pattern as always.

  2. 3

    Whilst I’m not in the market for mens cycling shorts, I seriously LOVE THAT FABRIC. I’m new to sewing and I’m spending a lot of time exploring all of these wonderful sewing blogs and it looks like the possibilities are endless!

  3. 6

    Recently on a show about design (CBS Sunday Morning show) they had a bit about athleisure boom. The company said men will not wear “leggings” but love “compression shorts”. Do non-US men have the same issue about the name of the garment? I’m guessing not, or at least not among the runners & cyclists you know, or you would have called them compression shorts.

    • 7

      Back in 2012, I visited a lot of running stores when I was over in the States, and when I told them there was an arms race in London to see who could have the wildest leggings prints, every single shop owner assured me that it would never happen in America, that everyone only ever wanted to wear black.

      I’m not going to say that the same is going to happen for men’s athletic wear that happened for women’s, but every single male running friend has complained to me about the lack of choice in colour and print in men’s running gear. And yes, many men in London wear tight shorts and leggings, sometimes with looser shorts over top but often not.

      I did not call these “compression shorts” because they are not compression shorts. Without the ability to seamlessly weave different densities into your fabric on a loom, the best you can ever achieve at home is “two sizes too small”, which is neither true compression, nor comfortable for anyone!

      Hope this helps answer your questions! πŸ™‚

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