A lavender & “shatta” print Knot-Maste Yoga Set

One of the outfits I brought along to Alvanon’s fit studio last week was a new-to-you Knot-Maste Yoga Set!

The top was one I’d made in the latter stages of pattern development out of some cheap viscose cotton lycra in Lilac from Tia Knight (so obviously not for exercise with a fibre content like that!), and the bottoms were a casual pair I’d made myself from some “shatta” print viscose jersey from my stash (originally from Fabric Godmother but long sold out). I really wanted a pair of casual bottoms for lounging around the boast in over the holidays, and since all my previous samples were in solid colours, it was a nice opportunity to show you want they look like in a print, too.

The Knot-Maste Yoga Set – hem band view

Last week you got to meet our latest athlete model and Knot-Maste Yoga Set covergirl, Kate, and hear all about how practising yoga after being diagnosed with a chronic illness absolutely transformed her life (if you missed it, go back and read it now, seriously…).

The samples Kate wore for her photoshoot show only half the options available in this extremely versatile sewing pattern, though, so today I’m going to share with you the other options, modelled by yours truly.

Kate’s Turquoise & Grey Knot-Maste Yoga Set

Thank you all so, so much for the warm welcome you’ve given our latest sewing pattern, the Knot-Maste Yoga Set! All the compliments, Likes, shares, and (yes!) orders, really mean a lot to me. I take a huge amount of care in designing, developing, and creating all of the FehrTrade Patterns and I really do listen to feedback, honest! (Just ask my testers!)

This set is the first pattern specifically designed for yoga, and as such, I thought it fitting to have a total bad-ass yoga athlete model to show it off, too! Please say hello to Kate Oates, our newest athlete model and Knot-Maste Yoga Set cover girl!

The Knot-Maste Yoga Set – out now!

Please welcome our latest sewing pattern and our first designed specifically for yoga and pilates – the Knot-Maste Yoga Set!

Make your own perfect yoga wardrobe with our Knot-Maste Yoga Set sewing pattern. Start with a loose fitting teeshirt with knot-detail sleeves, upper back yoke, and semi- open back, worn knotted in the back for a tighter fit during exercise or left loose for cooling down. Alternatively, a shorter option features a hem band with knotted side detail. Pair it with comfy bottoms featuring slouchy pockets, crotch gusset, waistband with hidden elastic and optional tie, and a banded or tied hem in capri or full length and you’re ready to hit the mats in style!